Very safe low amounts of beta/ alpha emissions- nuclear materials- generate amazing amounts of power- in properly tuned resonant circuits.

The concept of this "resonant nuclear battery"- was originally pioneered by Paul Brown (detailed link below).

It is sad that western political interference prevented the development of this breakthu energy technology. The CONJUGATE ONE group - has now placed itself in appropriate position to be the breakthru focus for this dramatic new energy source / battery technology for several reasons:

1. CONJUGATE ONE group is able to have it's political and economic center of gravity outside the control of conventional (largely US based) controlling government interests.

2. CONJUGATE ONE engineers have developed a breakthru- understanding of how to utilize the fundamental physics behind the nuclear battery

a) - One- ion released due to alpha or beta emissions creates a ratio of 200,000 to one- free electrons released. Understanding by equation the potential net energy gain of the resulting cascade-
is key to commercializing the core concept.

b) - By studying the net energy gain also of small amounts of actual isotope transitions - in the small scale reaction path- strongly indicates a major portion of the available energy in the nuclear battery is actually related to LENR (lo energy nuclear reaction) - triggered isotope transitions. This means that an important portion of the net energy gain- is due to actual isotope changing nuclear states- within the conductor saturated alpha/beta / emmissions. The reason CONJUGATE ONE group has additional expertise- in this specific area- is our group has as a result of detailed consulting in LENR issues- a breakthru- detailed spreadsheet showing the specific catalyzing frequency and temperature of just such isotope transitions. This means we can use our frequencuy and temperature of perfect catalysis of such reactions- to much more efficiently tune and optimize the reactive enviornment.


Bill- our lead engineer comments- re Nuclear Battery :

"Paul Brown has several papers he has written on the direct conversion of radioactive energy to electricity, and radio-electrets (the latter definitely caught my attention). Power densities are on the order of 0.25 watts per cubic centimeter, which is 250 watts per liter. Paul's demo unit however, was a little over 2 liters in displacement, and generated 800 watts, so this figure from the paper is conservative. We are discussing this one, and the possibility that the "Swedish Stone" of Henry Moray was a radiolytic doped media has a very strong argument. He also mentions doping coils in strong beta and alpha donors to ionize the conductors. SO you either dope the media for a DC power supply, or the coil of an LC oscillator for an AC power supply. In production models, the units will be "potted" with high-impact plastic to prevent breakage and leakage. We discussed this one with Jean-Paul Biberian as well, and he is intrigued by the concept. The cell would last as long as the donor material, and if Americium is used, would have a half-life of 300-400 years. We are tracking down a test made in the University of Kiev in the Ukraine that was made on one of these units recently in a report by Gary Vesperman. This is the best lead we have so far on a cell that is so close to the one in our outline. Let me please emphasize this: All the R&D is done on this. . Is this a mature tech? Yes and no. Yes in that it has been around since about 1910, and no in that all the updates to modern materials tech has NOT been done, so there are possibilities for improvements--improvements that WE can make. "

-Background Materials:



and earlier patent (without the insights above): Apparatus for direct conversion of radioactive decay energy to electrical energy -

also here telsasymposium1990paperbypaulbrown.pdf

also- Paul Brown RadioIsotopic Power Video: